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Clubs & Creativity give students the opportunity to explore different talents, gain confidence, learn to take risks, try new activities and meet and interact with new friends.

Students rotate through a variety of activities that include sports, arts and crafts, performing arts and those that are just for fun. Learning a musical instrument, a new language or joining the debate team is about discovering the art of practice, patience and persistence. Team sports like football, rugby and basketball not only keep children active, but also help them to learn the value of teamwork, and how to be gracious winners and losers. Arts and craft and performing arts allow students to explore their creativity and collaborate with others by sharing and expressing ideas. Activities such as karate and dance teach students both discipline and self-expression. Lego robotics, computing and technology clubs help our students think creatively, understand how things around us work, and give them the power to create and succeed in a digital world.

Key Stage 3 & 4 students can opt to participate in C&C for a given term by signing up to selected activities. All students in Key Stage 2 automatically participate in C&C activities by default, unless parents opt out of C&C. This way all students have a chance to participate in a range of different activities. Key Stage 1 students can also participate in C&C activities. Parents must opt in for a term at a time by completing a sign up form. There are certain specific activities available for KS1 children that are not available to KS2 and vice versa. In Early Years students have supervised activities and more ‘just-for-fun’ clubs available.

Swimming club and a few other specialist activities have separate sign up procedures.