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13 Jun 2018
The Buddy Reading Programme at BIST was a great success this academic year. It aimed to foster a love of reading and help younger students or those struggling to develop their confidence by reading and interacting with older students in a positive environment. During the Buddy Reading sessions students worked on improving their comprehension skills and expanding their vocabulary. Aside from these core benefits, paired reading is fun and interesting for our students, and helps to develop important social skills such as compassion, patience and understanding.
08 Jun 2018
Year 10 spent 6th - 8th June camping and hiking in and around Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Afternoon thunderstorms did not stop the intrepid troop from climbing and hiking for four hours the first evening. The rain came hard when students returned to camp but fortunately the local guide, Vano, successfully moved the shashlik dinner into the ranger cabin and cooked it in the fireplace there. The next morning, the group collected, cut and split enough downed wood to ensure a proper marshmallow toasting fire for the evening. They hiked into Atskura, climbed up to the ancient fortress then came down to the river to visit a newly developed organic farm. They ate a fresh vegetable meal that lasted through the afternoon. Hannah, Yasha, Modris and Mr. Comar even spent a little time putting seed potatoes in the ground and were promised the honour of harvesting them in September. Fresh churchkhela in hand, the group strolled along the river back to camp and successfully cooked at the fire and enjoyed ate marshmallows. Upon returning to BIST after their adventures, the campers already started talking about next year’s plans for a trip deeper into the park.
07 Jun 2018
Years 3/4 and 4 students had a blast during their sleepover last week. Students had an opportunity to work together to build their own tents and play fun games together with their classmates. Tents were pegged out in the courtyard, pizza was ordered and eaten and there was a joyful evening walk around Lisi Lake. The rain came down in the middle of the night and several people opted, cheerfully, for evacuation into the shelter of the Atrium. The next day students took on a challenging hike up the mountain above Mukhatskarro. At the top they played a scavenger hunt challenge and identified trees whose leaves they learned about in class. The sleepover and expedition was a great adventure for all involved!
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