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10 Sep 2018
This week we launched the web-based application for parents. All parents should have received their Parent Portal (PP) username and password, as well as a guidebook for accessing the PP. Many parents have used the PP in the last couple of days and we are receiving positive feedback. Please take the time to login and study all the features offered in the portal. Please take the time to login and study all the features offered in the portal. A copy of the guidebook can be found at this link.

We are working to add more features to the PP in the coming months!

07 Sep 2018
The house system is a traditional way of grouping students at British schools across the age groups. The students of each of the houses work together in sports or other events in friendly inter-house competitions. These events are a great opportunity to have fun as a school community, and an excellent way for students of different age groups to work together and learn from each other. Here at BIST, we have 4 houses that follow the BIST Lions big cat theme: Panthers (green), Tigers (red), Pumas (blue) and Leopards (yellow). Each student is assigned to a house on admission to the school. We are looking forward to many inter-house competitions and other events during this academic year!
05 Sep 2018
The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award is an initiative set up by the Duke of York (Prince Andrew) in the UK and is available globally. Please sign up and start learning! Once you have signed up with IDEA, go to the Edit Profile link (top right - click on your username) and add BISTADL as the organiser code. This will link you to our school account. IDEA is entirely free!
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