School news

26 Feb 2018
Years 1 & 2 Language Fun students visited the neighbouring Lisi Lake Greenhouse as a fun way of learning vegetable names in Georgian. This greenhouse grows organic produce and our students got to taste some cherry tomatoes on site and took lettuce back to school to eat.
22 Feb 2018
Year 9 students visited the Tech Park on Mtatsminda to support their learning into Innovative Technologies in their ICT class. Within the scope of the informa- tional tour, students had the opportunity to inspect the innovation laboratory FabLab which is equipped with the latest technology (laser cutting appliances, 3D printers, etc.). Students also familiarise themselves with the all capabilities this laboratory offers and in- spected existing prototypes. They examined some of the latest gadgets available, such as virtual reality goggles. With these interesting insights our students will go on to develop their own ideas back at BIST.
14 Feb 2018
BIST students had a unique and valuable opportunity this week. Mr. Mark McNamee, Director of Innova-tion and Apparel for Nike, travelled from Shanghai, China and stopped by on Wednesday morning to speak with our students. Mr. McNamee spoke to us about the interesting his- tory of his company. He helped our students understand how Science, Technology, Art, Design, Economics, Marketing and Internationalism are all valued areas of knowledge which can help you be- come successful in a major company like Nike. He told interesting stories about impressive products he has developed and areas of the world he travels to. He regularly works alongside top athletes to help connect all facets of his team, creating the product that helps the world’s athletes perform at their best. Mr. McNamee was very impressed with BIST students because of the insightful questions they asked. He felt he was speaking with students who appreciated the importance of teamwork and innovation, which were big parts of his message. Our students took full advantage of this great opportunity.
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