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How to Apply

We aim to provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment where each child can thrive and has the opportunity to develop their full potential. Applications are accepted, and admission is granted, on a rolling basis throughout the year. However, parents are advised to apply as soon as possible as there is limited availability.

Admission decisions are made based on an assessment as to whether the child can benefit from BIST educational programmes in accordance with our admissions policy, and provided we have space. BIST does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religion, culture or citizenship. The school is inclusive and we encourage applications for children who are differently able. We welcome applications from students who will benefit from an international, English language education. Please read the complete BIST Admissions Policy for 2018-19.

How to Apply

Our friendly and professional Admissions team is here to support and guide you through the application process. A quick step-by-step guide to the process is below.

1. All parents must complete an admissions application form (and supply all relevant supporting documentation - listed on application form) for each child and submit it to school either in person or via email (admissions@bist.ge).

Along with the application, a non-refundable Admissions and Assessment Fee of $150 must also be paid. Please see bank details here. This can be paid electronically or in person at the school.

2. The admissions team will then arrange an admissions appointment and admissions assessment*.

3. On completion of the admissions appointment and assessment, school will discuss placement in an appropriate class with parents.

4. A place is guaranteed once all fees have been paid and relevant paperwork completed.

5. Normal start date for children following completion of all assessment, payments and paperwork will be on the following Monday.

*Online admissions assessments can be arranged with the child’s current school if appropriate to take place offsite. Details of the various age-appropriate assessments can be found in our Admissions Policy.

Should you require any personal assistance with your application, or have any other questions about the school, please contact the Admissions Team by email - admissions@bist.ge.

Placement Policy 

Verification of age by passport or birth certificate is required for all students entering BIST. Year level placement is primarily determined by the student’s age at the start of each academic year (see the table below), together with reports from previous school(s). All students will be assessed in an age-appropriate way to see whether they can access the school curriculum. For Years 4 and above, placement is determined by the assessment of previous school records, teacher recommendations, parent information and the completion of student assessments. A confidential school report will be sought from the child’s previous school.




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