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Middle school Curriculum


Our comprehensive and rigorous middle school curriculum is built on the best of global and UK standards, and features Cambridge Secondary 1 and the International Middle Years Curriculum. All subjects are taught discretely with English, Science and Mathematics following Cambridge Secondary 1 scheme and other subjects delivered through the International Middle Years Curriculum. ICT contributes to learning and teaching in all areas and is integrated into subject teaching throughout the curriculum, as well as being taught as a discrete subject. Studying a foreign language (or Georgian for native speakers) is also offered as part of the curriculum. 

Cambridge Secondary 1

Cambridge Secondary 1 Mathematics, English and Science curricula build on the foundations of both Cambridge Primary and IPC programmes, although it is not essential to have completed that stage, and provide a solid base upon which the later stages of education can be built.

The English curriculum promotes enquiry to develop thinking skills and encourage intellectual engagement. Reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills are about developed.

Mathematics is presented in six content areas: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measure, Handling Data and Problem Solving. The first five content areas are all underpinned by Problem Solving, which provides a structure for the application of mathematical skills. Mental strategies are also a key part of the Number content.

Science covers four content areas: enquiry, biology, chemistry and physics. Scientific enquiry covers evaluating evidence, planning investigative work, and recording and analysing data. The scientific enquiry objectives underpin biology, chemistry and physics, which are focused on developing confidence and interest in scientific knowledge. Environmental awareness and some history of science are also part of the curriculum. For more information on Cambridge Secondary 1, please visit: www.cie.org.uk

International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)

The IMYC is an enquiry-based curriculum designed specifically for the unique learning needs of 11-14 year olds with the aim of supporting the whole student; the development of personal dispositions and international mindedness are an intrinsic part of every unit. Each IMYC unit has a theme, but more important than the theme is the Big Idea related to that theme. The Big Idea elevates the theme to much broader, abstract, conceptual thinking; challenging students to extend their focus beyond that of a simple theme.


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The IMYC creates opportunities for students to connect learning and develop a personal perspective, to work with peers, to take risks in a safe environment, and to become confident, independent and engaged learners. It also provides them with the necessary academic rigour and transferable skills to prepare them well for GCSE or IGCSE, A Levels and IB Diploma. For more information on the IMYC, please visit: www.greatlearning.com/imyc