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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning gives children the opportunity to acquire greater confidence and leadership skills. These memorable learning experiences can impact on students’ learning for a lifetime.

At the British International School, we are lucky to have one of Tbilisi’s ‘Green Areas’ right on our doorstep. A natural lake located in the hills above the city, Lisi Lake provides the school with many opportunities to explore and engage with the great outdoors, through a variety of different physical activities such as camping, orienteering, mountain-biking, cross-country running and hiking. The lake and its surrounding environment is also a perfect place to study different geography and science topics, to use as an inspirational scene for art activities, or as motivation for various writing projects.

The British International School of Tbilisi also benefits from Georgia’s beautiful and varied countryside, with its mountains, coastal regions, and valleys, which allows BIST to offer camping trips, ski trips, and other excursions into nature.