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Stephen has been Principal at BIST since August 2017. He has been in school leadership for over 20 years as well as teaching Geography for over 25 years in Nepal, Germany and the UK. He is originally from Wath-Upon-Dearne in South Yorkshire, UK. Stephen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from Staffordshire University, a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Higher Certificate of Educational Management from the University of Leicester. He is also a COBIS Lead Improvement Partner for the Patron's Compliance and Accreditation process and a qualified British Schools Overseas inspector. Stephen enjoys life in Georgia with his wife and son.
Alexandra joined BIST in 2019 from fellow COBIS member school Kolej Tuanka Ja’afar in Malaysia where she was an Assistant Headteacher. She has also worked at British schools in Kathmandu and Penang and in her native West Yorkshire. Alexandra has a degree and teaching qualifications from universities in Liverpool and Leeds. Alexandra will be accompanied by her husband, Yang, and their two young children.
Adam is a Secondary History specialist. He moved to us from the British School Tokyo in Japan and previously worked in a number of UK schools. Adam is originally from Lancashire and studied at the universities of Leeds, Oxford and Edinburgh.
Alex is originally from the UK, but grew up in Japan and has worked at international schools around the world since 2007. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies and Japanese from University of Wales, Cardiff and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education specialising in Primary Education from the Billericay Educational Consortium. He is the Year 1 teacher, as well as the EYKS1 Coordinator and Director of Studies at BIST. He loves Japan and offer a weekly Japanese club to primary students at BIST.
Simon is originally from Northern Ireland and has taught in the UK, Qatar, and Egypt. He loves walking as well as teaching. He studied French and English Literature and is a graduate of King’s College London and the University of Wales.
James has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Windsor, Canada and a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University, Canada. He worked in international schools in Germany and the Czech Republic before joining BIST in 2014. He is currently the Key Stage 3 Coordinator and the Secondary History and Sociology teacher.
Sadie joined BIST from the Oporto British School in Portugal. She has previously worked as a Head of Science and a Science teacher in Peru and the UK. Sadie has a Psychology degree from the University of Bristol. She is originally from South Wales.
Les joined BIST in 2018 from a school in Shanghai, China to teach English, Drama and History. He is also the Head to of Sixth Form at BIST. He has previously worked in Guangzhou and before that at Woking College in the UK. Les is from the North West of England. He studied English and American Literature at the University of Warwick and took his teaching qualifications at the Institute of Education in London.
Tumika joined BIST in August 2017 having worked in fellow COBIS school, The British School, Kathmandu in Nepal. She worked there for 19 years as Head of Administration and Human Resources. Tumika has a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development degree in Human Resource Management from ICS Glasgow, UK.
Christopher joined BIST after serving as Head of Geography at a large school in North London. He has an honours degree in Geography from Staffordshire University and teaching qualifications from nearby University of Keele. Christopher is from East Yorkshire.
Economics & Business Teacher Elizabeth has worked in a number of international schools in Asia as well as in her native South Africa. Prior to becoming a teacher Elizabeth worked as an economist for the Western Cape government. She studied Economics at the University of Cape Town.
Nata manages the joint BIST and BGA library.
Julie is originally from Sheffield in South Yorkshire. She is an experienced Chemistry teacher having taught at schools in the UK and in other countries such as Korea and Kuwait. Most recently she has been teaching in Ireland. Julie studied Chemistry at Loughborough University, teaching at Oxford and did her doctorate at the University of Southampton. She is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Stacy joined BIST from a British school in Samut Sakhon, Thailand. Previously she has worked in Bangkok, Moscow, Ghana and Greater Manchester and has experience of teaching years 3 to 7. As well as running our Performing Arts programmes, Stacy is also a Sixth Form Mentor and in addition to Music and Singing teaches Year 7 Science. Stacy did her undergraduate studies and teaching qualifications at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. Stacy is originally from Hampshire in the UK.
Ellie is originally from Lincolnshire and has taught in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and, currently, Sri Lanka. Ellie is a writer as well as a lover of languages and is a languages graduate of the universities of Chester and York
Nino works as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator at BIST. She graduated from the Tbilisi Institute of Psychology, specialising in Psychotherapy. She completed a Human Resource Management course at Management Academy and an Intensive Integrated English Language Skills course at Harvard University. Nino has worked at children rehabilitation centres and kindergartens in Georgia as a child psychologist.
Anne came to BIST from The British School Caracas, Venezuela where she was head of Primary Computing, coordinator for the International Primary Curriculum, a member of the Primary management team as well as a class teacher. Anne is responsible for further developing our Primary Science and Technology curriculum as well as teaching in Year 3. Prior to Caracas, she taught throughout the Primary age range in British schools in Dubai, Hong Kong and London. Anne obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of London. She is from East Yorkshire in the UK.
Irakli joined the BIST and BGA team in 2019 to support both schools' ICT infrastructure and systems.
Salome joined BIST in August 2020 as a Key Stage 2 Learning Support Assistant and Russian as a First Language Teacher.
Barbora joined BIST in 2017 teaching Art to both Secondary and Primary classes. Initially she came to Tbilisi for an art residency at the Centre of Contemporary Art Tbilisi. As an artist she was involved in Performing Art Scene in Prague and she enjoyed broadcasting for Community Radio in Iceland. Barbora exhibited during Venice Biennale 2019. In Georgia she took part in the 3rd Tbilisi International Triennial, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Performance Days Tbilisi, she had a solo exhibition in Patara Gallery. She worked as a gallery manager at Centre for Visual Art in East Iceland as well as the Prague City Gallery, the Duncan Centre Conservatory & Theatre in Prague and the Czech National Theatre. She has a bachelor degree in Systematic Biology and Ecology and a Master degree in Cultural Studies and Ecology from Charles University in Prague.
Sophie has been working as an Early Years Teacher for six years. She taught in the British Georgian Academy for 3 years before moving across to BIST in 2018. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Anglistics and Useful Psychology at Ilia State University, Tbilisi in 2013. After graduating university Sophie received her Master’s Degree in English Philology at the University of Georgia and she is working on her PhD topic ''Modern Systems Socio-psychological Analysis within Early Years Education" presently.
Zura is a sportsman. He followed sports from school. He started to swim in his childhood and he has been connected with this sport for 17 years. After graduating from the Sports Academy he qualified as a swimming teacher. He worked in various swimming pools as a trainer. He has worked in BIST as a swimming coach from 2017.
Andrew worked in Tajikistan, Tanzania and Ethiopia for various educational NGOs before becoming a teacher. Before coming to BIST he was curriculum leader for Physics at a school in East Yorkshire, UK and prior to this worked as a Science and Maths teacher in another East Yorkshire school. Andrew is originally from Northern Ireland in the UK. Andrew’s undergraduate and masters qualifications are from Queen’s University Belfast and his teaching qualification from Sheffield Hallam University.
Lucy is Scottish, but grew up as an international school student herself and has taught in the UK, France, Indonesia and Czechia. She is a passionate musician as well as a teacher and is a Science graduate of the universities of Exeter and Edinburgh.
Amila is from Sri Lanka where he is an English teacher. Amila is a passionate musician as well as a teacher. He is a qualified CELTA teacher.
Tina has been working at BIST since 2014. Prior to this she has taught in several public and private schools as an English Language teacher. Since 2018, she has been a Georgian as a Second Language teacher at BIST. Tina has an English Language Philology degree from Tbilisi State University.
Sophie joined the BIST administration team in 2018. Previously she worked as an Examination Centre Coordinator at the Agricultural University of Georgia and the Free University of Tbilisi. Sophie has a Bachelor's Degree in English Philology and a Master's Degree in British Studies from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.
Maia joined BIST in 2015 and has worked as a learning support in Foundation Stage. Maia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology. She also completed 7 years of intensive learning at Musical School. In August 2020, Maia became the Music and Art teacher for Primary School.
Mariam joined BIST in August 2019 as a Learning Support Assistant for Key Stage 1. She also teaches Georgian as a Foreign Language in Key Stage 1.
Veko joined BIST in 2018 as a Key Stage 2 Learning Support Assistant.
Nino has worked at BIST for over 10 years in the capacity of school doctor.
Lauren is originally from Minnesota, USA, though moved to the UK for university where she studied Neuroscience at King’s College London and teaching at University College London. She is currently teaching at a school in North London. Lauren is passionate about a wide range of sports as well as a keen Bridge player.
Giorgi has a Classical Guitar Degree from Vano Sarajishvili State Conservatory. He graduated from Ilia State University studying for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences majoring in Music. He has also completed the Sound Directing programme in Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film University. Before joining the BIST, he worked as a classical guitar teacher at several music schools. Giorgi has participated in various music competitions and festivals.
Ketevan joined BIST in 2017 as a swimming teacher and coach.
Chris is originally from Birmingham and has taught in the UK, Nepal, and Ecuador. He loves sport as well as teaching and is a graduate of the universities of Sheffield and Birmingham in History and then teaching.
Hasna is originally from Paris and has worked in various UK schools as a language teacher and for a language teacher-training institute in Vienna teaching teachers. Hasna studied Anthropology at London Metropolitan University and her teaching qualifications at the University of Portsmouth.
Keti joined BIST in August 2019 as an Early Years Learning Support Assistant.
Rachel teaches English in Secondary and is Year 7 mentor. Previously she worked in Cambodia teaching English and managing the scholarship and sponsorship programme. Her previous teaching experiences, many at middle leadership level, span teaching English Language and Literature in the UK, the UAE and Kazakhstan. Rachel is from North Yorkshire in the UK. Rachel did her undergraduate studies in Liverpool and her teaching qualification in Leeds.
India is originally from England, but schooled in the USA, and has taught in the UK and USA. India is passionate about creative writing and its teaching. She is a graduate of Columbia University, UCL and Canterbury Christchurch University.
Caitlyn joined BIST from an international school in Skopje, Macedonia. Prior to this she has taught in Thailand and South Africa. Before becoming a teacher, Caitlyn was a swimming instructor and a potter. She is keen on both the arts and sport. Caitlyn has education degrees and qualifications from the University of South Africa and the University of Cape Town. She is originally from Cape Town.
Teona joined our Modern Languages department as a Spanish specialist in August 2020. She came to BIST after working as a Spanish language teacher in Spain and in Poland. Teona was born in Georgia, but moved to Spain when she was 7 years old. She studied at the universities of Oviedo and Santander.
Keti graduated with a Bachelor in Education from Ilia State University. Keti has worked for BGA and BIST since 2012. Before becoming a member of the PE team Keti worked as a pre-school teacher and LSA with BGA and BIST. Keti also mentors and works as an assessor for our Duke of Edinburgh Award students.
Andrew is Welsh and has taught in a number of British international schools as well as in Wales. Andrew is passionate about the outdoors as well as Maths and is a graduate of the University of Wales.
Beka joined BIST as Head of Security in 2019 after working for the US Embassy. He heads up our dedicated security team.
Yang joined our PE and Swimming team here at BIST from Kolej Tuanka Ja’afar in Malaysia and previously worked at St. Christopher’s School in Penang. At both schools he has been Head of Primary PE. Yang has teaching qualifications from the University of Nottingham and also a degree from University Sains Malaysia. He is accompanied by his wife, Alexandra, and their two small children.
Nino joined BIST in 2018 as a Key Stage 1 Learning Support Assistant. She also teaches Russian as a Foreign Language in Key Stage 2. Nino is a UK qualified LSA through the COBIS training scheme.
Nino has worked at BIST and BGA for 10 years as a Georgian teacher. She teaches Georgian language to native speakers and supports Primary School classes in their appreciation of Georgian culture.
Lawrence is from London and studied Law at the University of Warwick, Nutrition at King’s College London, and teaching at UCL. He is currently teaching at a school in North London. Lawrence loves all sports and is also a self-taught player of the guitar and clarinet.
George joined our secondary Mathematics team in August 2020. He came to BIST from the Modern Knowledge School in Bahrain with prior experience in South Africa. George is originally from South Africa and studied at the North West University.
Pati graduated from Foreign Language University. She has a COBIS diploma as an international teacher for early years. She has completed an international course in Sweden about leadership and development. Pati has worked in the SEN department and she is now a teacher in Foundation 1.
Teona joined BIST in August 2020 as a Learning Support Assistant.
Mariam was born in Tbilisi. She lived in Germany and worked in a kindergarten. She started to work in the BIST laboratories in 2018.
Nikita joined our Key Stage 2 team in August 2020. She moved to BIST from King’s College, the British School of Latvia, to which she moved after teaching in her native Scotland. Nikita is from Glasgow and studied at Strathclyde University.
Tamuna joined the BIST Administration team in 2018. Previously, she worked as an administrator and event manager in the hospitality industry. Tamuna graduated from Grigol Robakidze University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics. She is also a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.
Miranda joined BIST in 2019 after working in public health in Nepal and the Netherlands. She supports students through social and emotional challenges as the school's counsellor.
Nina joined the school to work with Sixth Form students and BGA seniors to assist them with SAT and IELTS preparation and US college applications. Nina is of Georgian heritage, but a born and bred New Yorker and did her university studies in New York.
David is from Teesside and has taught in the UK, China, Kazakhstan, and Russia. He is passionate about Maths to the extent that he is a YouTuber on the subject. David is a graduate of the universities of Sheffield and Oxford. Before moving into teaching, Davis was a chartered accountant.
ICT Technician Avto joined BIST in 2020 to support our ICT infrastructure.
Gabriela came to BIST from a primary school in London. She has worked at three different primary schools in the UK, but is originally from New Zealand. Gabriela studied at Victoria University and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.
Tamar teaches keyboards and piano to Primary and Secondary students. She is originally from Tbilisi and holds master diplomas in music performance / piano from Tbilisi State Conservatoire in Georgia and from Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland. Tamar has performed across Europe and taught at schools and musical institutes in Georgia.
Naili is from Tbilisi and will be joining us as a part-time Art teacher. Naili is a successful art entrepreneur currently producing specialist soaps as well as being involved in exhibitions in which she has won many awards. Naili has had art residencies in Georgia and overseas and also taught art in the children’s programmes of museums. Naili studied Textile Design at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art.
Seth is now in his fifth year working at BIST as a Year 6 teacher. Originally from Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, he first came to Georgia as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in 2006 and worked as an English teacher in Chiatura for two years. He taught Years 3 and 4 at the British Georgian Academy in 2012-13 and then worked for three years as an English lecturer at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani in Iraq. He has a Bachelors of Arts in History and Political Science from the University of Connecticut and Masters of Science in Education from the University of New Haven. He currently lives in Tbilisi with his wife and two young sons.
David joined BIST from a British school in Bratislava, Slovakia where he has been working for a number of years following a period teaching in South Wales. As well as being a class teacher, David will be responsible for further developing the Mathematics programme across our Primary section. David is from South Wales in the UK and did his undergraduate and teaching qualifications at the University of South Wales.
Edwin joined BIST from a college in Lelystad in his native Netherlands. He has taught Computing, ICT and Mathematics at the British School in Kathmandu and also taught Computing and Mathematics at an IB programme school in the Netherlands. Prior to this Edwin was a computer programmer. He has degrees in Education, Computer Science and Mathematics from university in Leeuwarden. Edwin is accompanied to Tbilisi by his wife, Miranda.