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School news

Dec 01, 2017
Years 3, 3/4 and 4 had the opportunity to visit the Georgian National Museum as part of their topic in IPC on Temples, Tombs and Treasures. In the classroom students focused their research on Ancient Egypt and now had the chance to expand their studies beyond the classroom. During their field trip, our students visited the Ancient Egyptian display and compared what they learnt in the classroom to some real artefacts from Egypt. For a more enriching perspective, students looked at exhibitions of treasures, tools and the way people lived in Georgia too, as compared to the Ancient Egyptians in the same historical period.

Nov 28, 2017
As a part of the Year 5 and Year 6 classrooms’ IPC unit on Climate Control the students culminated their studies on energy use, global warming, and sustainability with a trip to the Kartli Wind Project near Gori.  As the students had been studying energy and how the use of fossil fuels, rather than renewable alternatives such as solar, hydro, and wind power, contributes to the greenhouse effect, this trip was a way for students to get a chance to look at such a renewable source of energy up close and personally.  

Two red BIST buses full of excited students headed down the road this past Tuesday arriving in time to enjoy a bit of the melting snow while taking in the full impact of these impressive wind turbines.  Students were treated to an interesting tour full of facts and figures about the six wind turbines as well as plans for more in the future.  The students were quite impressed with such facts as the height, weight, and width of the turbine’s towers and blades as well as the amount of power produced and cleanly shared.  It was an interesting and delightful trip topped off by a delicious meal at a local restaurant.

For more photos from this trip please see @BISTyr5 or @BISTYear6  on Twitter.
Nov 25, 2017
On Saturday, 25th November a group of BIST Secondary students attended a Mini-Model United Nations (MUN) event at QSI. BIST students worked with Secondary students from QSI and New School.

The event began with an introduction to MUN, followed by an introduction to the first topic in each room. There were two rooms set up with one focusing on politics (the Crimea crisis and, cyber terrorism) while the other room was focused on emergencies (ecopopulism and, immigrant health care). Students were assigned countries before we attended the event. After learning their country, they researched its position on the issues.

During the event students lobbied on behalf of their country and work with other countries to create a resolution. Delegates learned the value of being persuasive and diplomatic while working with other delegates. After drafting resolutions students submitted these to the Chair. The Chair then decided which resolution would be submitted to the General Assembly (GA). When the resolution was distributed students were allowed to submit amendments and debate for and against the resolution. All BIST students who attended upheld our school’s tradition of excellence and civility. BIST delegates were active in lobbying, resolution writing and debate. Two of our students were recognized for excellence. Molly Ruebe-Haig was named Best Debater and Nutsa Tsetskhladze was named Best Resolution Writer. We are all very proud of the hard work and dedication from all the MUN participants.

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