Black Sea Games 2023

24th February, 2023

Bilkent International School of Turkey (BIST) recently hosted the 2nd Black Sea Games, a multi-sports event that saw six teams from various schools compete in Basketball, Football, and Volleyball. The students from BIST and BGA were joined by those from British Embassy School Ankara and Cambridge International School Yerevan. The games were held over two days, and the Year 7-9 competitors had a fantastic time showcasing their skills and making new friends.

BIST fielded two teams, BIST1 and BIST2, who both performed incredibly well and deservedly won individual sports trophies and the overall tournament trophy. BIST1 secured first place in Girls Basketball, Boys Football, and Mixed Volleyball, while BIST2 achieved second place in Girls Football and third place in Mixed Volleyball.

The competition was intense, and all the participants displayed remarkable sportsmanship and athleticism throughout. The organizers expressed gratitude to all the participants for their incredible display and stated their eagerness to meet with them again in the next edition. Overall, the 2nd Black Sea Games was a resounding success, promoting the spirit of sportsmanship and collaboration among students from different schools.