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Assessment is an ongoing process concerned with gathering information about student competencies and planning to promote future learning. It focuses not only on what students have achieved, but also on the processes they have used to reach their goals and their perceptions of their own success. It aims to promote a positive attitude towards learning and to encourage the pursuit of excellence. It also enables teachers to improve their planning of effective teaching strategies and learning situations.

Periodic assessment allows teachers the opportunity to determine a student’s understanding of the academic content, and to adjust lesson plans to assist the student to further their education. Teachers assess students throughout the academic year in various ways, including observation, short tests or quizzes, and other methods that facilitate brief appraisals of student progress.

Student reports are produced by the classroom teacher in Primary and the Year mentor in Secondary. In Secondary, more formal internal examinations are  followed by external examinations. The reports are published three times per academic year. The reports in February and June coincide with a student conference allowing parent, teacher and student the opportunity to discuss growth. Reporting is an opportunity for students to self-assess, and for parents and teachers to evaluate the progress of each child. Reporting offers an insight into the development of the student in each subject. The reporting process should be positive, in that it helps the student and teachers to address strengths and areas for development to create the best learning environment possible. Parents are welcome to check in with the teacher at any time during the academic year to determine student progress in class, by making an advance appointment.

Our students take Progress Tests in English and Mathematics in Years 2 to 9 near to the end of each year. On admission or on moving into Years 4, 7 and 10, all students above Year 4 also sit the CAT4 online cognitive abilities asessement.