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29 Feb 2020
On Saturday, teams from BIST participated in the TIFA football tournament. There were a number of selective football academies present as well as a small number of schools. Our teams all performed with heart and congratulations to our Year 5 team who made it to the semi-finals. As I mentioned last week, the organisers removed the girls division from the tournament. This is unfortunate for BIST as we have strong girls teams and also for the promotion of girls football in Georgia. BIST is arranging a girls tournament for May 2020.
24 Feb 2020
Our Key Stage 2 students are very excited to perform their show Dragon Days, based on a modern-day classic about a misunderstood dragon.140 students will be taking part in this performance having learned many lines of script and 9 exciting songs. There will be solo and duet performances! The show will be held at the Art Hall Theatre on 6th and 7th April. Tickets are on sale from 16th March for 50 lari.
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