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The mission of the British International School of Tbilisi is to equip students with the essential knowledge, skills, and expertise they need to realise their full potential, both academic and personal, and to succeed in work and life in the increasingly dynamic 21st century. This includes the development of core academic subject knowledge and understanding, as well as developing intellectual, personal, social, emotional and physical skills.

Our Values

We believe that:
The British International School of Tbilisi believes that: 
  • High quality education is essential for achieving success in today's dynamic and rapidly changing world; 
  • Every child can learn. We can ensure each child's personal achievement and success by providing high quality teaching with high expectations for student achievement; 
  • Every child should be given an opportunity to develop their potential; 
  • Each child is unique and deserves attention and respect; 
  • Partnership between the school, the child and their family is essential to a student's academic and social success. 


The goal of the British International School of Tbilisi is to challenge and inspire our students to realise their academic and personal potential in a stimulating and caring environment, to prepare them for their education at the secondary level and to give them the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals and dreams. 

The British International School of Tbilisi aims to: 
  • Provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment where each child can thrive and has the opportunity to develop his/her full potential; 
  • Motivate and engage children in their learning; encourage children by consistently acknowledging, rewarding and celebrating their achievements; 
  • Enable children to become successful and inspired life-long learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve; 
  • Help children develop high self-esteem and a true feeling of self-worth; help them become confident individuals who are able to live healthy and fulfilling lives; 
  • Provide children with a wide range of stimulating, practical and engaging learning activities and experiences in and out of classroom to enable them develop their intellectual, personal, social, physical and emotional skills; 
  • Cultivate tolerance and respect for diversity and the ability to work successfully independently and in teams; 
  • Encourage a strong social conscience, a sense of civic responsibility and active involvement in today’s world; 
  • Encourage parents to become actively involved in and support their child’s education.