II International Student Research Symposium

Successful II International Student Research Symposium at BIST and BGA

Last Friday, BIST and BGA proudly hosted the Second International Student Research Symposium, showcasing the intellectual prowess of 15 Year 10-13 students from various schools across Georgia. The symposium provided a platform for these students to present their independent research projects covering a wide array of disciplines.

Topics explored during the symposium included the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence in “Navigating the AI Frontier,” the intricate relationship between corruption and its economic consequences, the historical significance of the color pink, and the global impact of the United States ruling of Roe v. Wade on women’s rights.

The event, held from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm, was a testament to the students’ dedication and passion for research. Parents were invited to witness the presentations, fostering a sense of pride and community engagement.

The Second International Student Research Symposium not only celebrated the achievements of these young researchers but also highlighted the diverse range of interests and inquiries that drive intellectual curiosity among our students. We extend our appreciation to all participants for their insightful contributions, making this symposium a resounding success in showcasing the depth of knowledge and talent within our student community.