The Lions Invitational Basketball Tournament 2023

5th February 2023

The Lions Invitational Basketball Tournament 2023 was a highly anticipated event that took place on the weekends of Saturday and Sunday. Teams from all over the region, including Lions Academy, European School, GZAAT, IB Mtiebi School and New School, competed in this exciting tournament. The games were filled with intense action, showcasing the immense talent and skills of the players.

The final game was particularly close and thrilling, with the Lions emerging as the victors with a 55-50 score. This win was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players, who put on a fantastic show for the spectators.

One player who particularly stood out was Temo from Year 12, who was named the MVP for both the final game and the entire tournament. His impressive performance was a highlight of the tournament and a testament to his skills and abilities on the court.

In addition to the fantastic performance of the players, the tournament was also a success due to the efforts of the senior students who served as leaders and officials. These students played an important role in ensuring the tournament ran smoothly and that all the players were able to compete to their full potential.

The results and fixtures from the tournament can be found on the dedicated event website, which provides a detailed look at all the exciting action that took place during the Lions Invitational Basketball Tournament 2023.

In conclusion, the Lions Invitational Basketball Tournament 2023 was a thrilling and highly successful event, featuring some of the best young basketball talent in the region. The players, officials and senior students all came together to make this tournament a memorable and exciting experience for everyone involved.