Meet Our Head Students

Our Head Students

In a culmination of last week’s momentous events, the announcement of our new Head Students took center stage during the Secondary Assembly. The anticipation that had been building was met with excitement as Eleonora and Sandro from Year 13 secured the coveted positions of Head Students, while Jayden in Year 12 and Lucas in Year 13 were elected as Deputy Head Students.

The journey to these leadership roles began with compelling speeches delivered by the candidates, showcasing the exceptional leadership potential within our student body. Following the speeches, students in Years 6 to 13, along with our dedicated staff, participated in the voting process, contributing to the democratic selection of our school’s representatives.

As ambassadors for the school and student body, the Head Students play a vital role in our community, actively participating in the student council and embodying the spirit of leadership. We are confident that Eleonora, Sandro, Jayden, and Lucas will bring their unique perspectives and passion to their roles, contributing to the continued excellence of our school.

A special acknowledgment is extended to all the students who courageously put themselves forward as candidates. Your willingness to contribute to the school’s leadership is commendable, and we appreciate your dedication to making a positive impact.

As we welcome our new Head Students and Deputy Head Students, we look forward to a year of collaboration, growth, and success under their capable leadership. Congratulations to the elected students, and a heartfelt thank you to all who participated in the democratic process.