Music Extravaganza

Music Extravaganza

Music filled the air at BIST’s recent Music Extravaganza, a showcase of our students’ musical talents. This exciting school event, held on 24th April in the school theatre, offered a platform for students to shine and celebrate their musical achievements.

A Symphony of Skills

Extravaganza featured a diverse range of performances, highlighting the dedication and skill of our students across various musical disciplines. Students also had the opportunity to display their individual talents through solo pieces on instruments like the piano, violin, guitar, and drums.

This event was an excellent opportunity for parents, teachers, and fellow students to discover the hidden musical gems within our school community. It allowed everyone to witness the culmination of countless hours of practice and experience the joy of music come alive on stage.

A special thank you goes to our dedicated music teachers for their unwavering support and guidance in nurturing our students’ musical abilities.