Spelling Bee

14th February, 2023

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the champions of our Key Stage 3 Spelling Bee competition! Noor from Year 7, Isabella from Year 8, and Lazare from Year 9, who also claimed the overall championship. The event was an exciting spectacle, with students showcasing their impressive spelling abilities under the pressure of the competition.

The Key Stage 3 Spelling Bee competition is an annual event that tests the spelling proficiency of students in Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9. It is a much-awaited event among students, and this year’s competition was no exception. The students displayed great enthusiasm and determination, with each round becoming more challenging than the last.

Noor from Year 7 exhibited incredible poise and accuracy, spelling out the words with precision and confidence. Isabella from Year 8 displayed remarkable composure under pressure, flawlessly spelling out some of the most challenging words in the competition. Meanwhile, Lazare from Year 9 wowed everyone with his impeccable spelling skills and emerged as the overall champion.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers who supported and guided the students in their preparation for the competition. Their efforts and dedication played a crucial role in making the event a grand success. We would also like to thank the parents for their unwavering support and encouragement of their children.