Tree Planting Day

3rd April, 2023

We celebrated Earth Day by holding our yearly tree planting activity, and it was a great success. Children aged 4-18, from Foundation to Sixth Form, participated in the event and planted trees at Lisi Lake.

This year, BIST planted approximately 200 trees, bringing the total number of trees planted by the school to over 1000 in the last four years. This accomplishment is an impressive feat, and it would not have been possible without the support of the BIST community. The school would like to thank everyone who sponsored a tree.

BIST started tree planting in 2020, and it plans to continue this annual activity as a way of giving back to the environment and the local community. The school recognizes the importance of preserving the natural world and the impact that small actions can have in achieving this goal.

Overall, BIST had a fruitful Tree Planting Day, and the school community can be proud of the positive impact they have made on the environment. The annual event is a reminder of the importance of taking action to protect our planet, and it is inspiring to see children from different age groups coming together to participate in this meaningful activity.