UCMAS IGE Awards Ceremony

Celebrating Success

The British International School of Tbilisi and UCMAS Georgia have fostered a successful partnership, enriching the educational journey of over 100 students through the dynamic mental arithmetic program. This collaboration has provided students with a unique opportunity to enhance their cognitive abilities and mathematical prowess.

As part of the cooperative project, students actively participated in the mental arithmetic program throughout the year. The culmination of their efforts was marked by the International Grading Exam (IGE), a globally recognized assessment that evaluates their proficiency in mental arithmetic. This international examination serves as a testament to the students’ dedication and the effectiveness of the program.

To celebrate the achievements of the participating students, The British International School of Tbilisi hosted an award ceremony. The event was a momentous occasion where parents, teachers, and students gathered to acknowledge and applaud the remarkable results achieved through their hard work and commitment.

We are pleased to offer our students with enriching extracurricular opportunities. This success underscores the commitment to a well-rounded educational experience, setting the stage for continued achievements in the years ahead.